A Quick Update

Hey there,
So it has been a while since you guys have really heard anything thing from me and I do apologise for that. It was never my intent to go silent for so long and mostly just happened because things slowed down thus not leading to much to share. This mostly happened to work being more and more busy leading to less time for me to work on the project and this time of year gets pretty busy sadly and also on top of that I disappeared from some time in early December to early January, so for about a month due to personal life stuff going on.

But don't threat, The client is still very much alive and still being worked on, actually 1.0.0 has had a large focus on rewriting allot of code from the ground up and I mean allot of code, from the way we define each type of entity/object and pass it to the API/SDK to Rewriting the DirectXHook and more. Its other focus has been basic combat sync and improving on what we had and with all these big changes to the code, it breaks things along the way making them not function how they did before and that also has been another big focus as well to catch all the issues we can before 1.0.0 is released. But this isn't a development update so I won't discuss the changes in much detail here as that'll come in the next development update sometime close to the release of 1.0.0.

Well, this has been just a quick update to let you know things are progressing, You can follow the progress over on Trello (https://trello.com/b/ZdVNBzXW/grandm) and if you have any question you can ask them over on our Forums or on Discord.