Development Post #4

Welcome to the fourth development post and man has it been a while and has time has flown by. Firstly just to give you an update on why things are going slower than they were and that's because the amount of time I'm able to dedicate to this project has been made significantly less with work taking up more time and also another project I have going requiring more time as well, so I hope you understand and that Grand Multiplayer is very much still progressing.

UI 2.0
So as some of you may know UI 2.0 is in the works as I not very fond of the current UI, It still early on and not complete but here are a couple images of UI 2.0's current progress;

UI 2.0 will be in the 0.3.x update.

0.2 patch
So before I talk about whats coming in 0.3 let's talk about the upcoming patch for 0.2 which mostly consists of client fix requiring no server update only a client update and it consists of the following 3 notable fixes.

  • CEF Max resolution fix, so you can play at max resolution and in fullscreen without CEF failing to render.
  • DxHook failure fix that a large handful of you are having.
  • A crash fix related to the sync of towing a vehicle.

These are only the more notable fixes and there are a few others in the works as myself and @Rolandd uncovered a few more today in testing. As to when this patch will be available, It will likely be sometime next week.

Now whats coming in 0.3? well the following

  • Improved/More Sync (Syncing things that are not currently synced, like vehicle weapons and what not)
  • Scripted Camera Position tracking so the streamer & server is aware of where the scripted camera is at so it can stream in & out relevant data.
  • Ability to set animations on Players & NPCs
  • CEF Frames. To allow plugins, gamemodes & scripts to have their own dedicated Frame to make sharing of plugins, gamemodes & scripts that use CEF more viable as right now you would have to merge their included web files into the same single web files.
  • UI 2.0
  • Attach Entity to Entity
  • Dimensions

Not really much to talk about here as they are pretty self-explanatory and haven't much work done on them yet.

There is a 1.x.x update in the works also which will consist of mostly major API changes to make it more object focused which isn't very exciting for most but for those C++ devs it should be a welcomed change.

Sorry for this being a short one and not much to show but you should have a pretty good idea of the upcoming features and I'm sure there a few welcomed ones there that some of you have been waiting for.

If you want to follow the Development you can check out some of the links below: