Development Post #3

Image Welcome to the third development post,
Today I am going to jump right on into that current progress.

The Lua plugin was originally using both objects and numbers to represent entities, Objects for creating vehicles, objects, npc and the rest. But for players you had to construct the object and then assign it the players entity ID, Something like below;

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function OnPlayerConnected(entity)
	player= Player()
	player:SendChatMessage("Welcome to the server, " + player:GetUsername())

Entity representing a number value which being the entities Unique Id, Which isn't very practical as you may see. Instead now we pass new objects threw the callbacks and even some of the functions that need them like Player:GetVehicle() which now returns the Vehicle Object and the above callback example now looks more like this;

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function OnPlayerConnected(player)
	player:SendChatMessage("Welcome to the server, " + player:GetUsername())

So much better than before.

The Clients UI has had a massive update too it as I spent most of this week working on it and implementing it into the Client so that it worked harmoniously with the CEF backend fetching and updating your config options as well as connecting to server threw the server browser and threw the quick connect modal. You also get abit more feedback on the UI now when you fail to connect because of version matches or other errors as well as when your kicked from a server by an admin with the reason why.

The following images are of a work-in-progress UI

More specifically Vehicle Interpolation, this has been improved to the point that trying to Desync ram someone in a vehicle its so much harder and less likely to be possible now.
Example of desync ramming in Arma3:

Some of the following doesn't have much to talk on so I'll bundle them in here. Pickups have been implemented with more functionality for them too come before release. Able to set blackouts and enable ground snow in the world. The server has a logging system now so you can easily look back at why and what happened. Servers can set their Gamemode in the config which displays on the server list. You are able to force equip a weapon on a player now so they have it wielded with more functions related to weapons. Some early health sync that will be improved and extended further. The Lua API now has Event Handlers that currently you can register functions to the current callback names using the same arguments, this will be extended further to custom events too. CEF was locked into a 1600x900 resolution for some reason which no-longer is the case and scales to your game resolution instead and just a whole abundant of fixes and changes that just are not worth mentioning as you'll never need to worry about them. ^^

Release Date & Helping Out:
So a release date has always been something I haven't wanted to set in stone and I still don't but we do have a goal and that's some time in the next 2 weeks, at-least that's the goal anyhow. There is allot to-do in that time and it's totally doable but you all should know how things sometimes go and that's not always to plan.
When we do release the first public build this will also mean that we go open sourced too, it might take a couple days to get that sorted but nether the less that's the case. What does this mean? Well it will allow those that wish to help out to-do so without being obligated to the project/team. What if someone wishes to be part of the team with helping out development? Well there are some high expectations I'm not going to set too many requirements as that will just make things more difficult for me but here are two, firstly you need to impress me right from the start because it will show me that you are enthusiastic about it. Communication, this is key to being apart of a team if your not able to convey things clearly to me and the rest of the team you will just hinder us and to be frank its frustrating and this mean good English is also a huge key here.

If you want to follow the Development you can check out some of the links below:

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them below,
- No-Half-Measures

Just some images from testing: