Development Post #2

Hi and welcome to the second development post,
Sorry it has been a little while since the last one I hadn't intend it to be so long and actually had planned to-do more frequent posts but I got busy, Ill to the point I didn't work on the mod for a week and other stuff.

First up I'd like to just clear something up that has been brought to my attention that a few people have gotten concerned about, more so over in the 'Five Roleplay' community but I'm sure some of you have had the same thoughts.
Firstly is the concern that I could just suddenly drop the project out of nowhere, well, all I can say is I won't.
The next one is 'won't it be slow with one guy', well yes and no, the helpers actually have said I'm working allot faster than they had expected but also I don't intend to work alone, I'm just not actively seeking new dev's out right now as I'm trying to get threw some of the major steps that need doing before I do. That said I'm not just turning away people either you just need to wow me.
Finally the last one, although it hasn't been asked directly, it is on some peoples mind and some have been rude about it too, 'when is it out'. Well the answer as always is soon, This means when we feel like its ready and the lazy @Panda from 'Paradise Roleplay' thinks this could be sooner than you think,ImageNow lets get onto the good stuff.


Chat, We have a working CEF chat now have done for a little while since the last dev post.
C++ Example:

Code: Select all

API::Visual::SendChatMessageToPlayer(Player, "ℹ  For commands type '/help' ");

Image Hook, So originally the project was using the SudoMod Base but sadly the code was pulled from their repo at a stage were it was in the progress oh having some major fixes and changes done to it before shortly after going private which left us with some nasty issues. So I spent a day ripping it out and incorporating a new hook.

Blips, Blips have been added to the mod in a way that makes creating them simple to-do whether it be for an entity or for a coordinate. You can also change the blips sprite, colour and text as well as showing or hiding it for individual players or to everyone.

Nametags, Nametags have been added with the ability to change the text of the nametag, visibility and its view distance. These can be set on both NPC's & Players with the intent to extend them to Objects, Checkpoints & Vehicles.Image Lua, Lua has had allot of issue's fixed and also has had Timers & Events added too, (only Event Handlers for current callbacks, will be adding custom events soon too).

Weapons, You are able to give and remove weapons from players with it being sort of synced with clients when you shoot, aim, ect although the sync for the combat still needs allot more work done to improve it.

Client Plugins, While this isn't finished yet, it is very much being worked on and is making some decent progress so far. Actually in the image posted in the chat part of this post you can see next to the mini map a speedometer, this is a client plugin. This is all I will share on this topic at the moment as its still early on and much of what I would say could change.

Other, Other minor stuff like, ShowMessageAboveMap has been renamed too ShowNotification and the function also has an added argument to change the background colour of the notification. Fixed an issue were you would have a finite clip giving you the ability to endlessly shoot without reloading untill you run out of your total ammo and a whole bunch off other fixes and improvements to make things more stable and reliable including some major CEF issues.

If you want to follow the Development you can check out some of the links below: