Development Post #1

Welcome to the First development post,
So over the last couple of weeks there has been much going on behind the scenes with many in depth conversations about certain aspect of the mod amongst other things taking allot of input from the helpers to better the mod as a whole.

Interpolation, this has undergone a few fixes and improvements with way more improvements to come as it could definitely be better that it is currently as there are a few inconsistencies and issues with it that that make it less than flawless.

Combat, this has had work started on it to sync combat in GTAV across the server with other clients, its not near finished yet and thus I do not really have much to show or talk on about it although I do hope to have something to show latter in the week

Launcher, BigETI was kind enough to work on a launcher that has a GUI to launch and update Grand Multiplayer with and you can even edit the Mods client settings threw it too.


Other, Allot of work has been put into the project to reorganise the code and the project as a whole and there is still very much more work to-do. I have also added in a loading screen for Grand Multiplayer as you can see in the image below,

This loading screen can easily be customized by anyone one with some knowledge of how to build web-pages although if all your interested in is changing the background image then anyone could do that. We also have chat built for CEF that is ready to be implemented into the mod that is much easier to read compared to the ImGUI chat.

If you want to follow the Development you can check out some of the links below: